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Program Execution

We start with Object Oriented Programming concepts(using JavaScript)
introduce learners to NodeJs
quickly navigate to ReactJs
and integrate it with Node API(s) and Java API(s)
along the way,saying Hi to AngularJs and give ourself best possible chance of landing a Full Stack Developer Job with both Java and JavaScript.

FAQ's answered by our lead trainer regarding JavaScript Programming

  • Is it necessary to learn both Angular and ReactJS?

    It is a smart move to be versed with both React & Angular. Many companies especially consultancies keep juggling
    based on the requirements of their clients. Moreover, it exposes your CV to more recruiters.

  • What is the difference between UI and Backend? Is this track specifically for UI?

    To be Precise, you make API(s), connected to database, in back-end and call these API(s) from UI(front-end).
    JavaScript & Java, both have UI and back-end techs in their stack. They can both live independently.
    But most MNC's use JavaScript for UI and Java for Back-End.

  • What is the procedure for recruitment after the course completion

    We work in 5 stages. Stage 5 is the stage where our learners attend walk-in and pre-scheduled interviews. Many get offers from multiple companies. This is not surprising as all companies give very high weightage to Hands-On project development using latest techs. Our learners add value to their existing teams immediately.

  • Do we make any projects during the course?

    Yes. learners make 3 projects.

    1. - Project based on NodeJS
    2. - Project based on ReactJS
    3. - Project based on AngularJS

  • What is the teaching format of the course?

    Most of the concepts are taught by our trainers through Live Classes.
    For revisions, pre-recorded videos are made available to learners.
    Projects are created through Live Streaming, so that all students can ask live questions.

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