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Program Execution

We start with Object Oriented Programming concepts(Core Java)
continue with Collections Framework and Streams API
proceed to J2EE Techs: JSP,Servlets, JDBC, JSTL (Adv. Java)
then reach the main entrance Spring Framework
knock on JPA and Hibernate
and embrace Spring Boot, Rest Api(s) and Spring O-Auth Security
and since we are here, why not say hi to, Microservices and IAM as most companies are craving to go to cloud and API(s), Microservices and IAM(s) are the holy-grail of cloud platform.

FAQ's answered by our lead trainer regarding Java Programming

  • Is it possible to directly start with J2EE as I have already learned core java programming in the college?

    The confines of engineering syllabus is very narrow. There is much more to java than what the syllabus prescribes. We spent a good 30-50 hours on getting our students master fundamentals of core java concepts.

  • Spring, Hibernate, JPA: Are these technologies for freshers or experienced professionals?

    We teach these techs to everyone in our course. The definition of experience in modern IT context has changed. Instead of number of years worked, what carries more weight is the projects created using these latest techs. Our job assurance is based on the formula that our learners are at par with any experienced MNC professionals.

  • What is the procedure for recruitment after the course completion

    We work in 5 stages. Stage 5 is the stage where our learners attend walk-in and pre-scheduled interviews. Many get offers from multiple companies. This is not surprising as all companies give very high weightage to Hands-On project development using latest techs. Our learners add value to their existing teams immediately.

  • Do we make any projects during the course?

    Yes. learners make 3 projects.

    1. - Project based on J2EE Tech
    2. - Project based on Spring MVC
    3. - Project based on React UI/Spring Boot Rest Api with Oauth

  • What is the teaching format of the course?

    Most of the concepts are taught by our trainers through Live Classes.
    For revisions, pre-recorded videos are made available to learners.
    Projects are created through Live Streaming, so that all students can ask live questions.

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